The census is coming: 2020 brings new head count

Photo by Rick Gershon/Getty Images.

With 2020 comes a new decade and a new presidential election, but it also brings a new head count conducted by the United States Census Bureau.

The survey, done every 10 years by mandate of the U.S. Constitution, will be conducted starting in mid-March, when most of the country will have received letters instructing them on ways to respond, according to the Census Bureau.

The census is done to account for population shifts, and analyze congressional districts, to see if they might need redrawn. Businesses are also able to use the information to decide where to put or expand operations, and federal funding for things like schools, fire departments and disaster recovery are impacted by the census.

Questions included in the census ask how many people are living in the home; the name, age, sex and race of every person in the home; and whether the person is specifically of Hispanic origin.

Census responses can be entered online, by phone, or by mail. Responses are required from all U.S. residents.

Those who don’t respond to invitations will be contacted by census takers in-person.

Seasonal jobs are also available in Ohio during the census, through the eight area census offices.

Pay ranges from $14 to $15.50 with the Mansfield Area Census Office, to $21 to $23.50 per hour with the Cincinnati Area Census Office. The pay rates depend on whether the position is in the office or as a census taker. Mileage and expenses reimbursement are also available.