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The 2022 Ohio midterms are coming up soon, so we made you a guide with everything you need to know.

This document covers statewide candidates, ballot measures, state legislators, members of Congress, appellate judges and the voting schedule. Election Day is Nov. 8, 2022.

If this guide is missing any race or any candidate, please email Statehouse reporter Morgan Trau at [email protected] with the subject line “2022 MIDTERM GUIDE UPDATE.”

(i) indicates the candidate is the incumbent. N/A indicates no one petitioned or qualified to run. * by a candidate’s name means they are being evaluated by Sec. of State due to needing a tie-break.

Statewide candidates

U.S. Senate
Democratic: Tim Ryan
Republican: J.D. Vance
Valid write-in candidates: John Cheng, Matthew R. Esh, Stephen Faris, Shane Hoffman

Governor and Lieutenant Governor
Democratic: Nan Whaley and Cheryl Stephens
Republican: Mike DeWine and Jon Husted (i)
Valid write-in candidates: Timothy Grady and Dayna Bickley; Craig Patton and Collin Cook; Renea Turner and Adina Pelletier; Marshall Usher and Shannon Walker

Attorney General
Democratic: Jeff Crossman
Republican: Dave Yost (i)
Independent: N/A

Secretary of State
Democratic: Chelsea Clark
Republican: Frank LaRose (i)
Independent: Terpsehore Maras

*Terpsehore Maras was reinstated to the ballot after being denied by the Sec. of State team after some of her signatures were decided as “invalid.” OSC overruled this.

Democratic: Scott Schertzer
Republican: Robert Sprague (i)
Independent: N/A

Democratic: Taylor Sappington
Republican: Keith Faber (i)
Independent: N/A

Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice (Maureen O’Connor’s seat won in 2016)
Democratic: Jennifer L. Brunner (has been on OSC as a Judge)
Republican: Sharon L. Kennedy (has been on OSC as a Judge)
Independent: N/A

Ohio Supreme Court Justice (Pat Fischer’s seat won in 2016)
Democratic: Terri Jamison
Republican: Pat Fischer (i)
Independent: N/A

Ohio Supreme Court Justice (Pat DeWine’s seat won in 2016)
Democratic: Marilyn Zayas
Republican: Pat DeWine (i)
Independent: N/A

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Statewide ballot measures

Issue 1: Determining Bail Amount Based on Public Safety Amendment
Requires Ohio judges to “use factors such as public safety, including the seriousness of the offense, and a person’s criminal record” when setting amounts and conditions of bail.

Issue 2: Citizenship Voting Requirement Amendment
Prohibits local governments from allowing persons who lack the qualifications of an elector to vote in local elections (this is already in place).

Local ballot measures

These measures depend on your district.

District maps

First things first, you need to figure out what district you live in. The Sec. of State website has a handy tool called “Find my District.”

Once you are there, type in your address. You should get a pop-up stating the numbers for your house, senate, congressional and school district.

Remember or write those down and come back to this guide.

Ohio House

District 1 – Franklin (part)
Democratic: Dontavius Jarrells (i)
Republican: N/A
Independent: N/A

District 2 – Franklin (part)
Democratic: Latyna Humphrey (i)
Republican: N/A
Independent: N/A

District 3 – Franklin (part)
Democratic: Ismail Mohamed
Republican: J. Josiah Lanning
Independent: N/A

District 4 – Franklin (part)
Democratic: Mary Lightbody (i)
Republican: Jill Rudler
Independent: N/A

District 5 – Franklin (part)
Democratic: Richard Brown (i)
Republican: Ronald Beach IV
Independent: N/A

District 6 – Franklin (part)
Democratic: Adam Miller (i)
Republican: Joe Wharton
Independent: N/A

District 7 – Franklin (part)
Democratic: Allison Russo (i)
Republican: N/A
Independent: N/A

District 8 – Franklin (part)
Democratic: Beth Liston (i)
Republican: Zully Truemper
Independent: N/A

District 9 – Franklin (part)
Democratic: Munira Abdullahi
Republican: N/A
Independent: N/A

District 10 – Franklin (part)
Democratic: Russell Harris
Republican: David Dobos
Independent: N/A

District 11 – Franklin (part)
Democratic: Anita Somani
Republican: Omar Tarazi
Independent: N/A

District 12 – Franklin (part), Madison, Pickaway
Democratic: N/A
Republican: Brian Stewart (i)
Independent: *Matthew Briner (Write-in)

District 13 – Cuyahoga (part)
Democratic: Mike Skindell (i)
Republican: Keith Davey
Independent: N/A

District 14 – Cuyahoga (part)
Democratic: Sean Brennan
Republican: Jolene Austin
Independent: N/A

District 15 – Cuyahoga (part)
Democratic: Richard Dell’Aquila
Republican: N/A
Independent: N/A

District 16 – Cuyahoga (part)
Democratic: Bride Rose Sweeney (i)
Republican: Michael Lamb
Independent: N/A

District 17 – Cuyahoga (part)
Democratic: Troy Greenfield
Republican: Thomas Patton (i)
Independent: N/A

District 18 – Cuyahoga (part)
Democratic: Darnell Brewer
Republican: Shalira Taylor
Independent: N/A

*House Rep. Shayla Davis was denied from being a write-in candidate

District 19 – Cuyahoga (part)
Democratic: Phil Robinson (i)
Republican: Ron Brough
Independent: N/A

District 20 – Cuyahoga (part)
Democratic: Terrence Upchurch (i)
Republican: N/A
Independent: N/A

District 21 – Cuyahoga (part)
Democratic: Elliot Forhan
Republican: Kelly Powell
Independent: N/A

District 22 – Cuyahoga (part)
Democratic: Juanita Brent (i)
Republican: N/A
Independent: N/A

District 23 – Cuyahoga (part), Lake (part)
Democratic: Dan Troy (i)
Republican: George Phillips
Independent: N/A

District 24 – Hamilton (part)
Democratic: Dani Isaacsohn
Republican: Adam Koehler
Independent: N/A

District 25 – Hamilton (part)
Democratic: Cecil Thomas
Republican: John Breadon
Independent: N/A

District 26 – Hamilton (part)
Democratic: Sedrick Denson (i)
Republican: N/A
Independent: N/A

District 27 – Hamilton (part)
Democratic: Rachel Baker
Republican: Jenn Giroux
Independent: N/A

District 28 – Hamilton (part)
Democratic: Jessica Miranda (i)
Republican: Chris Monzel
Independent: Regina Collins

District 29 – Hamilton (part)
Democratic: Juan Valle
Republican: Cindy Abrams (i)
Independent: N/A

District 30 – Hamilton (part)
Democratic: Alissa Mayhaus
Republican: Bill Seitz (i)
Independent: N/A

District 31 – Summit (part)
Democratic: Rita Darrow
Republican: Bill Roemer (i)
Independent: N/A

District 32 – Summit (part)
Democratic: Matt Shaughnessy
Republican: Bob Young (i)
Independent: N/A

District 33 – Summit (part)
Democratic: Tavia Galonski (i)
Republican: Kristopher Anderson
Independent: N/A

District 34 – Summit (part)
Democratic: Casey Weinstein (i)
Republican: Beth Bigham
Independent: N/A

District 35 – Geauga (part), Portage (part), Summit (part)
Democratic: Lori O’Neill
Republican: Steve Demetriou
Independent: N/A

District 36 – Montgomery (part)
Democratic: Addison Caruso
Republican: Andrea White (i)
Independent: N/A

District 37 – Montgomery (part)
Democratic: N/A
Republican: Tom Young (i)
Write-in: Megan Overman

District 38 – Montgomery (part)
Democratic: Willis Blackshear Jr. (i)
Republican: N/A
Independent: N/A

District 39 – Montgomery (part)
Democratic: Leronda Jackson
Republican: Phil Plummer (i)
Independent: N/A

District 40 – Butler (part), Montgomery (part), Preble
Democratic: Amy Cox
Republican: Rodney Creech (i)
Independent: N/A

District 41 – Lucas (part)
Democratic: Nancy Larson
Republican: Josh Williams
Independent: N/A

District 42 – Lucas (part)
Democratic: Erika White
Republican: Derek Merrin (i)
Independent: N/A

District 43 – Lucas (part)
Democratic: Michele Grim
Republican: Wendi Hendricks
Independent: N/A

District 44 – Lucas (part), Ottawa (part), Wood (part)
Democratic: Elgin Rogers Jr.
Republican: Roy Palmer III
Independent: N/A

District 45 – Butler (part)
Democratic: Chuck Horn
Republican: Jennifer Gross (i)
Independent: N/A

District 46 – Butler (part)
Democratic: Lawrence Mulligan
Republican: Thomas Hall (i)
Independent: N/A

District 47 – Butler (part)
Democratic: Sam Lawrence
Republican: Sara Carruthers (i)
Independent: N/A

District 48 – Stark (part)
Democratic: David Smith
Republican: Scott Oelslager (i)
Independent: N/A

District 49 – Stark (part)
Democratic: Thomas West (i)
Republican: Jim Thomas
Independent: N/A

District 50 – Stark (part)
Democratic: N/A
Republican: Reggie Stoltzfus (i)
Independent: N/A

District 51 – Stark (part), Tuscarawas (part)
Democratic: N/A
Republican: Brett Hudson Hillyer (i)
Independent: N/A

District 52 – Lorain (part)
Democratic: Regan Phillips
Republican: Gayle L. Manning (i)
Independent: N/A

istrict 53 – Lorain (part)
Democratic: Joseph A. Miller III (i)
Republican: Marty Gallagher
Independent: N/A

District 54 – Erie (part), Huron (part), Lorain (part)
Democratic: Bryan Burgess
Republican: Dick Stein (i)
Independent: N/A

District 55 – Warren (part)
Democratic: Paul Zorn
Republican: Scott Lipps (i)
Independent: N/A

District 56 – Warren (part)
Democratic: Joy Bennett
Republican: Adam Mathews
Independent: N/A

District 57 – Lake (part)
Democratic: Evan Rosborough
Republican: Jamie Callender (i)
Independent: N/A

District 58 – Mahoning (part)
Democratic: Bruce Neff
Republican: Alessandro Cutrona (i)
Independent: N/A

District 59 – Columbiana (part), Mahoning (part)
Democratic: Lauren McNally
Republican: N/A
Independent: Gregory A. Beight

District 60 – Delaware (part)
Democratic: N/A
Republican: Kris Jordan (i)
Independent: N/A

District 61 – Delaware (part), Knox (part)
Democratic: Louise Valentine
Republican: Beth Lear
Independent: N/A

District 62 – Clermont (part)
Democratic: Brian Flick
Republican: Jean Schmidt (i)
Independent: N/A

District 63 – Brown (part), Clermont (part)
Democratic: Richard Perry
Republican: Adam Bird (i)
Independent: N/A

District 64 – Trumbull (part)
Democratic: Vince Peterson II
Republican: Nick Santucci
Independent: N/A

District 65 – Ashtabula (part), Trumbull (part)
Democratic: N/A
Republican: Mike Loychik (i)
Independent: Jennifer Donnelly

District 66 – Medina (part)
Democratic: Christina Collins
Republican: Sharon Ray (i)
Independent: N/A

District 67 – Ashland (part), Medina (part)
Democratic: Drew Burge
Republican: Melanie Miller
Independent: N/A

District 68 – Licking (part)
Democratic: N/A
Republican: Thaddeus Claggett
Independent: N/A

District 69 – Fairfield (part), Licking (part), Perry (part)
Democratic: Charlotte Owens
Republican: Kevin Miller (i)
Independent: N/A

District 70 – Greene (part)
Democratic: Eric Price
Republican: Brian Lampton (i)
Independent: N/A

District 71 – Clark (part), Clinton, Greene (part)
Democratic: James Duffee
Republican: Bill Dean (i)
Independent: N/A

District 72 – Portage (part)
Democratic: Kathleen Clyde
Republican: Gail Pavliga (i)
Independent: N/A

District 73 – Fairfield (part)
Democratic: N/A
Republican: Jeff LaRe (i)
Independent: N/A

District 74 – Clark (part)
Democratic: Daniel Saks
Republican: Bernard Willis
Independent: N/A

District 75 – Wood (part)
Democratic: Jan Materni
Republican: Haraz Ghanbari (i)
Independent: N/A

District 76 – Richland
Democratic: Justin Andrews
Republican: Marilyn John (i)
Independent: N/A

District 77 – Wayne
Democratic: Mark Gooch
Republican: Scott Wiggam (i)
Independent: N/A

District 78 – Allen, Auglaize (part)
Democratic: N/A
Republican: Susan Manchester (i)
Independent: N/A

District 79 – Carroll, Columbiana (part)
Democratic: Taylor Eastham
Republican: Monica Robb Blasdel
Independent: N/A

District 80 – Darke (part), Miami
Democratic: N/A
Republican: Jena Powell (i)
Independent: N/A

District 81 – Defiance (part), Fulton, Henry, Williams
Democratic: N/A
Republican: James Hoops (i)
Independent: N/A

District 82 – Defiance (part), Paulding, Putnam, Van Wert
Democratic: Magdalene Markward
Republican: Roy Klopfenstein
Independent: N/A

istrict 83 – Hancock, Hardin, Logan (part)
Democratic: Claire Osborne
Republican: Jon Cross (i)
Independent: N/A

District 84 – Auglaize (part), Darke (part), Mercer
Democratic: Sophia Rodriguez
Republican: Angela King
Independent: N/A

District 85 – Champaign, Logan (part), Shelby
Democratic: N/A
Republican: Tim Barhorst
Independent: N/A

District 86 – Marion (part), Union
Democratic: Barbara Luke
Republican: Tracy Richardson (i)
Independent: N/A

District 87 – Crawford, Marion (part), Morrow, Wyandot
Democratic: N/A
Republican: Riordan McClain (i)
Independent: N/A

District 88 – Sandusky, Seneca
Democratic: Dianne Selvey
Republican: Gary Click (i)
Independent: N/A

District 89 – Erie (part), Huron (part), Ottawa (part)
Democratic: Jim Obergefell
Republican: D.J. Swearingen (i)
Independent: N/A

District 90 – Adams, Brown (part), Scioto
Democratic: Andrew Dodson
Republican: Brian Baldridge (i)
Independent: N/A

District 91 – Fayette, Highland, Pike, Ross (part)
Democratic: N/A
Republican: Bob Peterson
Independent: N/A

District 92 – Hocking, Perry (part), Ross (part), Vinton
Democratic: N/A
Republican: Mark Johnson (i)
Independent: N/A

District 93 – Gallia, Jackson, Lawrence (part)
Democratic: N/A
Republican: Jason Stephens (i)
Independent: N/A

District 94 – Athens, Meigs, Morgan, Washington (part)
Democratic: *Tanya Conrath
Republican: Jay Edwards (i)
Independent: N/A

*Conrath sued LaRose after he rejected her bid to replace Rhyan Goodman, who dropped out of the race. The Ohio Supreme Court sided with Conrath.

District 95 – Belmont (part), Guernsey (part), Harrison, Noble, Washington (part)
Democratic: William Ryan
Republican: Don Jones (i)
Independent: N/A

District 96 – Belmont (part), Jefferson, Monroe
Democratic: Charlie DiPalma
Republican: Ron Ferguson (i)
Independent: N/A

District 97 – Guernsey (part), Muskingum
Democratic: N/A
Republican: Adam Holmes (i)
Independent: N/A

District 98 – Coshocton, Holmes, Knox (part)
Democratic: *Annie Homstad (Write-in)
Republican: Darrell Kick (i)
Independent: N/A

District 99 – Ashtabula (part), Geauga (part)
Democratic: Kathy Zappitello
Republican: Sarah Fowler (i)
Independent: N/A

Ohio Senate (only odd districts are up this year)

District 1 – Defiance, Fulton, Hancock, Hardin, Henry, Logan (part), Paulding, Putnam, Van Wert, Williams
Democratic: N/A
Republican: Robert McColley (i)
Independent: N/A

District 3 – Franklin (part)
Democratic: Tina Maharath (i)
Republican: Michele Reynolds
Independent: N/A

District 5 – Butler (part), Darke (part), Miami, Montgomery (part), Preble
Democratic: N/A
Republican: Stephen Huffman (i)
Independent: N/A

District 7 – Hamilton (part), Warren
Democratic: David Dallas
Republican: Steve Wilson (i)
Independent: N/A

District 9 – Hamilton (part)
Democratic: Catherine D. Ingram
Republican: Orlando Sonza
Independent: N/A

District 11 – Lucas (part)
Democratic: Paula Hicks-Hudson
Republican: Tony Dia
Independent: N/A

District 13 – Erie (part), Huron (part), Lorain
Democratic: Anthony Eliopoulos
Republican: Nathan Manning (i)
Independent: N/A

District 15 – Franklin (part)
Democratic: Hearcel Craig (i)
Republican: N/A
Independent: N/A

District 17 – Fayette, Gallia, Highland, Hocking, Jackson, Lawrence, Perry (part), Pike, Ross, Vinton
Democratic: Garry Boone
Republican: Shane Wilkin
Independent: N/A

District 19 – Coshocton, Delaware, Holmes, Knox
Democratic: Heather Swiger
Republican: Andrew Brenner (i)
Independent: N/A

District 21 – Cuyahoga (part)
Democratic: Kent Smith
Republican: Mikhail Alterman
Independent: N/A

District 23 – Cuyahoga (part)
Democratic: Nickie Antonio (i)
Republican: Landry Simmons Jr.
Independent: N/A

District 25 – Franklin (part)
Democratic: William DeMora
Republican: Chandler Wysocki
Independent: N/A

District 27 – Summit (part)
Democratic: Patricia Goetz
Republican: Kristina Daley Roegner (i)
Independent: N/A

District 29 – Stark (part)
Democratic: N/A
Republican: Kirk Schuring (i)
Independent: N/A

District 31 – Guernsey (part), Muskingum, Stark (part), Tuscarawas, Wayne
Democratic: N/A
Republican: Al Landis
Independent: N/A

District 33 – Carroll, Columbiana, Mahoning
Democratic: Robert Hagan
Republican: Michael Rulli (i)
Independent: N/A

U.S. Congress

District 1 – Hamilton (part), Warren
Democratic: Greg Landsman
Republican: Steve Chabot (i)
Independent: N/A

District 2 – Adams, Brown, Clermont, Clinton, Fayette (part), Gallia, Highland, Hocking, Jackson, Lawrence, Meigs, Pickaway, Pike, Ross, Scioto, Vinton
Democratic: Samantha Meadows
Republican: Brad Wenstrup (i)
Independent: N/A

District 3 – Franklin (part)
Democratic: Joyce Beatty (i)
Republican: Lee Stahley
Independent: N/A

District 4 – Allen, Ashland, Auglaize, Champaign, Delaware (part), Hardin, Logan, Marion, Morrow, Richland, Shelby (part), Union, Wyandot (part)
Democratic: Tamie Wilson
Republican: Jim Jordan (i)
Independent: N/A

District 5 – Crawford, Hancock, Henry, Huron, Lorain, Mercer, Paulding, Putnam, Seneca, Van Wert, Wyandot (part), Wood (part)
Democratic: Craig Swartz
Republican: Bob Latta (i)
Independent: N/A

District 6 – Belmont, Carroll, Columbiana, Harrison, Jefferson, Mahoning, Monroe, Noble, Stark (part), Tuscarawas (part), Washington
Democratic: Lou Lyras
Republican: Bill Johnson (i)
Independent: N/A

District 7 – Cuyahoga (part), Holmes (part), Medina, Wayne
Democratic: Matthew Diemer
Republican: Max Miller
Independent: N/A

District 8 – Butler, Darke, Hamilton (part), Miami (part), Preble
Democratic: Vanessa Enoch
Republican: Warren Davidson (i)
Independent: N/A

District 9 – Defiance, Erie, Fulton, Lucas, Ottawa, Sandusky, Williams, Wood (part)
Democratic: Marcy Kaptur (i)
Republican: J.R. Majewski
Independent: Youseff Baddar

District 10 – Clark (part), Greene, Montgomery
Democratic: David Esrati
Republican: Michael Turner (i)
Independent: N/A

District 11 – Cuyahoga (part)
Democratic: Shontel Brown (i)
Republican: Eric Brewer
Independent: N/A

District 12 – Athens, Coshocton, Delaware (part), Fairfield, Guernsey, Holmes (part), Knox, Licking, Morgan, Muskingum, Perry, Tuscarawas (part)
Democratic: Amy Rippel-Elton
Republican: Troy Balderson (i)
Independent: N/A

District 13 – Portage (part), Stark (part), Summit
Democratic: Emilia Sykes
Republican: Madison Gesiotto Gilbert
Independent: N/A

District 14 – Ashtabula, Geauga, Lake, Portage (part), Trumbull
Democratic: Matt Kilboy
Republican: David Joyce (i)
Independent: N/A

District 15 – Clark (part), Fayette (part), Franklin (part), Madison, Miami (part), Shelby (part)
Democratic: Gary Josephson
Republican: Mike Carey (i)
Independent: Elizabeth McKenzie

State Board of Education (five of 11 seats up this year)

All of these roles are supposed to be nonpartisan, however, each candidate leans a certain way. Their leanings are determined by their outlined policies and goals.

The following candidates are included in the updated election guide on the nonpartisan organization Honesty for Ohio Education’s website.

District 2
Teresa Fedor – Progressive-leaning
Sarah McGervey – Conservative-leaning

*Incumbent Kirsten Hill, conservative-leaning, has decided not to run, withdrawing her candidacy on Sept. 2, according to the Lorain County Board of Elections. She had attempted to run against state Sen. Nathan Manning in the GOP primary but lost. She then attempted to run for her current seat, however, she has now withdrawn. It is possible she did this to prevent being denied due to the “sore loser law” that prohibits people who lost one race from running as an “independent” or “nonpartisan” candidate in another.

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