Elizabeth Lanphier

Elizabeth Lanphier

Elizabeth Lanphier is a moral philosopher and bioethicist. She earned her PhD in philosophy from Vanderbilt University and an MS degree in Narrative Medicine from Columbia University. Dr. Lanphier completed a postdoctoral clinical ethics fellowship with Vanderbilt University Medical Center, and now works as an ethicist and scholar at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center's Ethics Center, with appointments in the University of Cincinnati Philosophy Department and University of Cincinnati College of Medicine Pediatrics Department. Dr. Lanphier is additionally affiliated with the University of Cincinnati Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Department and is a non-resident research fellow at the Institute of Philosophy and Public Policy at George Mason University.


Abortion restrictions put hospital ethics committees in the spotlight – but what do they do?

By: and - June 26, 2023

Many states have imposed sweeping restrictions that all but ban abortion since the June 2022 Supreme Court ruling that overturned the 50-year-old constitutional right to the procedure. These laws have created new obstacles for pregnant patients facing life-threatening complications like severe fetal anomalies, cancer diagnoses and ectopic pregnancies – when a fertilized egg implants outside […]