Frank A. DeFilippo

Frank A. DeFilippo

Frank A. DeFilippo is an award-winning political commentator who lives and writes in Baltimore. DeFilippo has been writing about the comic opera of politics for more than 50 years. He reported on the Maryland General Assembly for 10 years before joining the administration of former Gov. Marvin Mandel (D) as press secretary and speechwriter. Between times, he was a White House correspondent during the administration of President Lyndon Baines Johnson, and he has covered six national political conventions. DeFilippo is the author of Hooked, an alleged work of fiction, and an unpublished manuscript, Shiksa: The Rise and Fall of Marvin Mandel.


The end of the Trump presidency: Wealthy man, pauper’s bequest

By: - January 4, 2021

This is the way the Trump presidency ends, not with a bang but with chaos, confusion and sleaze – just as it began. President Trump has spent four years wasting the nation’s time, treasure and prestige as he turned the White House into a family profit center while demeaning Americans who make personal sacrifices without […]