Mark Gavin, Sr.

Mark Gavin, Sr.

Mark Gavin, Sr. is the owner of On the Mark Advocacy & Campaigns where he has led ballot and advocacy campaigns to advance renewable aggregation and climate justice throughout Ohio. He currently serves as the Director of Outreach & Senior Strategist at Black Environmental Leaders Association and Black Environmental Leaders Action Fund. Follow Mark on twitter: @MGavinSr.


Electricity rate hikes show why community aggregation programs must make responsible reforms

By: - May 22, 2023

The Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council (NOPEC) recently faced significant backlash after blindsiding more than 550,000 customers with soaring electricity rates. The increase, which saw bills skyrocket by over 65%, caught communities off-guard and left residents with more questions than answers. As NOPEC returns to the electricity aggregation business, it must take a hard look […]