Prentiss Haney

Prentiss Haney

Prentiss Haney is Co-Executive Director of the Ohio Organizing Collaborative. He is a veteran community organizer and strategist whose work has been featured in The Atlantic, The Guardian, MSNBC, PBS Newshour, and Blavity. In 2019, Prentiss stepped into leadership at the OOC after previously serving as the Executive Director of the Ohio Student Association.


All in for Ohio Agenda looks to transform education, voting rights, health, safety, and taxes

By: and - June 17, 2022

Earlier this month, Ohioans of all walks of life gathered outside the Statehouse because we’re sick and tired of what’s happening inside it. Inside, extremist, and unaccountable lawmakers have been pushing policies that would target trangender kids, muzzle teachers and determine when and how we start a family. Meanwhile, some of those same lawmakers are […]