Susan Tebben

Susan Tebben

Susan Tebben is an award-winning journalist with a decade of experience covering Ohio news, including courts and crime, Appalachian social issues, government, education, diversity and culture. She has worked for The Newark Advocate, The Glasgow (KY) Daily Times, The Athens Messenger, and WOUB Public Media. She has also had work featured on National Public Radio.

Governor’s initiatives to ‘support parents’ headed for budget cycle next year

By: - October 3, 2022

Gov. Mike DeWine’s office has released a set of initiatives it says will work to improve child outcomes throughout the state, if passed in the next state budget. The “Bold Beginning” initiatives are broken down into “health care,” “family stability,” and “leading the way” categories, with a focus on health coverage for mothers and infants. […]

Analysis: Some workers still don’t have paid sick time post-pandemic

By: - September 30, 2022

A study by the Economic Policy Institute showed disparities are still prevalent in paid leave, specifically sick time, in America. Ohio is seeing similar struggles, and policy experts still hope to see federal pandemic stimulus money go toward needed paid leave. The EPI report used data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics to identify […]

Funding school lunch program could prevent ‘lunch shaming’

By: - September 28, 2022

In 2019, a Summit County school district was under fire for its lunch policy, which said that a student who has a certain amount of debt built up in their school lunch account received an “alternative” to the hot lunch. The debt was $9, according to the child’s grandparents, who received national attention for the […]

Ohio abortion ban on two-week hold once again

By: - September 27, 2022

A Hamilton County judge yet again kept an abortion law from being enforced as the lawsuit continues its way through the court. Judge Christian Jenkins pushed the abortion law back another two weeks in a ruling on Tuesday, as confirmed by the ACLU, who represent abortion clinics in the lawsuit who are hoping to get […]

School admins, anti-hunger advocates ask for funds to help student food programs

By: - September 27, 2022

With nearly 2 million children in Ohio facing food insecurity, school officials and the leaders of anti-hunger initiatives want to see federal dollars jumpstart expired pandemic programs. Universal lunch programs were used all over the country during the pandemic as COVID-19 caused school closures and an economic downturn that exacerbated a problem school districts had […]

Ohio chief justice: ‘We do not have a Constitution that will end gerrymandering’

By: - September 16, 2022

Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor said she plans to become a part of the anti-gerrymandering effort once she leaves office at the end of the year. In committing to her next steps after the her term-limited time as the head of the state’s highest court, she also acknowledged the failures that happened in […]

Discussions underway to propose new redistricting reform to Ohio voters

By: - September 15, 2022

As Ohio enters its second year of redistricting, still without a constitutional map under its belt, a movement to reform the process is also reappearing. One might ask: Didn’t we already reform the process? Isn’t that how the Ohio Redistricting Commission came to be? “This process could have worked,” said Catherine Turcer, executive director of […]

Six-week abortion law put on hold for now

By: - September 14, 2022

A temporary restraining order is now in place for Ohio’s law that bans abortion past six-weeks gestation, a Hamilton County judge ruled on Wednesday. Judge Christian Jenkins paused the law for two weeks while the case continues to be litigated in the county’s common pleas court. For now, Ohioans are permitted to get abortions up […]

Ohio Supreme Court: ‘Targeted picketing’ ban unconstitutional

By: - September 14, 2022

The Ohio Supreme Court took issue with a ban on “targeted picketing” of public officials in a Tuesday ruling. The court was unanimous in ruling that an education board violated picketers’ rights by putting a stop to public protests, calling Ohio Revised Code language on “encouraging” or organizing a protest at public officials’ homes or […]

COVID-19 booster encouraged in OSU study

By: - September 13, 2022

A recent study by researchers at the Ohio State University encouraged a second COVID-19 booster, especially because of recent developments in antibody studies. The report, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, found that a booster shot “completely restored antibodies to protective levels” in adults in the study who saw a “dramatic loss in […]

Judge holds off on Ohio abortion ban decision

By: - September 9, 2022

A Hamilton County judge said he needs more time to decide whether or not to put a pause on a six-week abortion ban in Ohio. Judge Christian Jenkins said in a Thursday hearing that he would not issue an opinion because the court still has questions about how the case moves forward. “The court would […]

School taxes must be shared among districts, Ohio Supreme Court rules

By: - September 9, 2022

Two Cleveland-area schools will be required to share taxes based on a decades-old agreement, despite the deal not being approved by the state board of education, according to a ruling by the Ohio Supreme Court. Warrensville Heights City School District and Beachwood City School District had been tied in a legal dispute over years of […]