Feds delay COVID-19 testing plan deadline

    File photo of medical personnel by Don Murray, Getty Images.

    The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has delayed a deadline for Ohio and other states to submit their COVID-19 testing strategies.

    Mia Heck, a department spokeswoman, said officials delayed the deadline from Monday back to July 10 primarily to avoid placing an “unnecessary burden” on states.

    “We do not believe this extension will negatively impact states executing their testing plans, and further, states are of course welcome to submit their plans prior to July 10 if they choose,” she said.

    States who received funding from the Paycheck Protection and Health Care Enhancement Act were required to submit coronavirus testing strategy plans to the federal government.

    Ohio submitted its testing strategy through May and June earlier this month. It showed Ohio, one of the worst-performing states in the nation in terms of testing per capita, would not accelerate testing rates through June.

    A spokesman for the governor claimed at the time the numbers would reflect a testing acceleration in July.