LGBTQ+ protections, pet euthanasia, women’s policy, and the impacts of racism

    Whiplash. NPR is reporting that under the Trump administration, Obama-era policies aimed at protecting LGBTQ people have been rescinded one by one.

    “The Trump administration is — tit for tat — … trying to reverse-engineer every single one of those advances,” one law professor says.

    The pound. Ohio Public Radio’s Jo Ingles is reporting, “Bill Would Ban Use Of Gas Chambers For Pet Euthanasia.”

    “When animals are put to sleep in Ohio, they are most often euthanized with medications administered by a veterinarian. But there have been some cases where dogs and cats have been put down in gas chambers. Now there’s a new bill that would make that practice illegal.

    “Democratic Rep. David Leland (D-Columbus) says most veterinarians use drugs to euthanized animals but he knows of one Ohio county that has put animals down in gas chambers – which can cause animals to suffer before they die.”

    Women’s policy. Ohio Public Radio’s Jo Ingles is reporting, “Effort Underway To Bring Back Commission To Empower Ohio’s Women.”

    “A state group set up to promote the advancement of women and remove barriers to women’s equality was dissolved in 18 years ago, but it might come back if some Ohio lawmakers get their way.

    “The Ohio Women’s Policy and Research Commission was formed in 1990 but disbanded in 2002 after failing to be funded in the state budget. House Minority Leader Emilia Sykes (D-Akron) is sponsoring a bill that would re-establish it.”

    Impacts of racism.’s Robert Higgs is reporting, “Racism a public health crisis? Cleveland City Council weighs declaration to tackle impacts on society.”

    “City Council introduced a resolution Monday declaring racism in Cleveland and the societal problems it creates to be a public health crisis that requires formal government attention.

    “If approved by council, the legislation would trigger formation of a study group that would include organizations such as the NAACP, Urban League of Greater Cleveland, United Way of Greater Cleveland, Birthing Beautiful Communities, the YWCA of Greater Cleveland and First Year Cleveland.

    “‘Then we’ll look at putting together the ordinances we need to address the issues,’ Councilman Blaine Griffin said in an interview with ‘Once you declare something, you now have to have actionable steps to eliminate the crisis.'”

    David C. DeWitt
    David C. DeWitt is an award-winning journalist with over 15 years experience covering Ohio politics and policy. He has worked for the National Journal, The New York Observer, The Athens NEWS and covering topics such as education, health care, crime and courts, poverty, government, business, labor, energy, environment and social issues. His work has also appeared in Government Executive, the Columbus Dispatch, Girlfriends magazine, Bleacher Report and the Ashtabula Star Beacon, among others.