Paid family and medical leave would help families, boost economy

BY: - January 28, 2020

Family is the backbone of our country. It’s important for people to be able to care for their family when it matters most — at birth, when a personal medical crisis strikes, or when a family member is facing a long term illness and requires care. Paid family and medical leave is an investment in […]

Celebrating the suffrage centennial: Three Ohio women you should know

BY: - January 23, 2020

The 19th Amendment was ratified on Aug. 18, 1920, and all women across the United States won the right to vote. Over the last year, I’ve had the great privilege to work with a lot of individuals and organizations on planning for the suffrage centennial. Through this work I’ve been encouraging partners around the state […]

A ‘trial’ unlike any I’ve ever seen as a court reporter

BY: - January 22, 2020

For three years I covered crime and courts in Athens County. I was green to covering the courts, and honestly, I wasn’t very excited about being so close to human awfulness. Being steeped in the news of the day as a journalist already gives one plenty of exposure to how terribly human beings treat one […]

Why Martin Luther King’s anti-racism crusade needs to be renewed

BY: - January 20, 2020

Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. was 39 years old when he was assassinated. Schools, streets and children are named in his honor in Africa. In America, he is honored with a public holiday. All over the world, King is known as someone who fought for human causes. At a time when racial violence and arrogance […]

Ohio in desperate need of election modernization

BY: - January 17, 2020

Ohioans need to have an urgent, nonpartisan, consensus-driven conversation about a subject we rarely talk about: our state’s woefully lackluster voter participation.  Despite Ohio’s longstanding reputation for being the nation’s election barometer, when it comes to our record of showing up at the polls, “so goes Ohio” is not what we would ever wish for […]

How a powerful lawmaker belittled a young, female reporter — a cautionary tale from an OCJ affiliate

BY: - January 17, 2020

This is republished from Ohio Capital Journal affiliate the Michigan Advance. This story has made national headlines this week. I waited outside the Michigan Senate chamber to ask Sen. Peter Lucido on Tuesday for a comment about the Detroit Metro Times story reporting that he was a member of a violent, anti-Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Facebook group, […]

As newspapers face challenges, the importance of public support grows

BY: - January 16, 2020

Newspapers build strong, informed communities. Imagine Cleveland without the Plain Dealer journalists who uncovered the lead poisoning crisis and the rape kit backlog, forcing important reforms. Cincinnati Enquirer reporters, photographers and editors painstakingly depicted the mercilessness of the drug crisis and the toll it takes on nearly every aspect of life. The Columbus Dispatch exposed how middlemen hiked up prescription drug prices […]

Where do the Democratic candidates stand on health care coverage?

BY: - January 15, 2020

As Democratic presidential hopefuls gathered in Iowa for the seventh debate Tuesday, health care remains the most important topic of debate for many Americans. The candidates talk about their proposals for health care reform using terms like universal coverage, public option, “Medicare for All,” and single-payer. What do these terms mean, and where do Democratic […]

From fires in Australia to war in the Middle East, our children deserve better answers | John L. Micek

BY: - January 15, 2020

We were on the way to ballet rehearsal. It’s my favorite 30 minutes of the day. It’s a chance to break away from work, and to touch base with my only child. She’s 14 now. And it won’t be long before she’s driving herself. I treasure these moments. “So,” I asked her. “How was school […]

Ignorance is not bliss: The dangerous politics of anti-intellectualism

BY: - January 14, 2020

Thoughtful, studied consideration does not reign supreme in American politics, and frankly, I can’t think of an era it did. Conversely, I also can’t think of an era like ours where crankery and ignorance are entertained so prominently and with such deference. Author Isaac Asimov may have best characterized the mindless beast of legitimized stupidity […]

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EPA’s proposed ‘secret science’ rule directly threatens children’s health

BY: - January 13, 2020

The Trump administration is working to weaken U.S. environmental regulations in many areas, from water and air pollution to energy development and land conservation. One of its most controversial proposals is known as the “secret science” rule because it would require scientists to disclose all of their raw data, including confidential medical records, in order […]

Want to know what will happen in 2020? Look to state polls for the answer

BY: - January 10, 2020

Public opinion polls are ingrained in American politics. It seems like every day there is a new poll about the presidential election or impeachment or whether the public feels that the United States is on the right track. As the presidential primary season begins in earnest in February, new polls will continue to come out. […]