August 8 election Ohio

Ohio’s Issue 1 goes down to defeat

BY: and - August 8, 2023

The Republican-led effort to make amending Ohio’s constitution more difficult has failed. As of 11:45 p.m., unofficial results for the Aug. 8 special election show voters rejected Issue 1 57% to 43%. The Associated Press called the race at 9 p.m. While precincts were still reporting late into the night and absentee ballots will continue […]

New voting locations pitch in for Ohio’s unexpected August election

BY: - August 7, 2023

On Tuesday, Ohioans head to the polls to vote on whether future constitutional amendments should face a heightened threshold for passage. But for some, the typical election day routine will look a tad different. To say Tuesday’s special election was unexpected is an understatement. Lawmakers scrapped such elections at the end of last year and […]

The Ohio burgee. Getty images.

The historical malfeasance of equating the Ohio Constitution with the U.S. Constitution to attack it

BY: - July 6, 2023

Republicans pushing Ohio voters to strip ourselves of our own power over the Ohio Constitution on Aug. 8 by raising the threshold for passing amendments to 60% have repeatedly used historically misleading arguments about the U.S. Constitution. Never mind that U.S. Constitutional amendments require support from two-thirds of lawmakers in each chamber of Congress and […]

The Ohio burgee. Getty images.

Answering questions about Ohio’s Issue 1 on the ballot August 8

BY: - June 29, 2023

Ohio Capital Journal/WEWS viewers and readers have sent in dozens of questions about Issue 1 — the GOP proposal to make it more difficult to amend the Ohio Constitution ahead of the likely abortion legalization vote. This is a complicated situation, so OCJ/WEWS posted a request for additional viewer questions on the station’s social media […]