childhood hunger


Food insecurity in Ohio as bad as ever

BY: - June 14, 2023

Back in 2016, I conducted a policy analysis on food insecurity in Ohio. I was drawn to this question because I saw a report from the Center for American Progress rating states on a variety of different indicators. Ohio, as it still tends to do, fell near the middle of the pack on nearly every […]

Schools districts plead for universal lunch amid budget talks

BY: - March 27, 2023

Daryn Guarino had to tell a six-year-old girl she couldn’t eat lunch. At Athens County’s Alexander Local School District, Guarino spends his days creating recipes, building menus and serving food to the students. But his job isn’t so enjoyable on Wednesdays. “On Wednesdays, I become a debt collections agent, and I chase the parents of […]

Studies show gains against childhood hunger were lost after child tax credit ended

BY: - November 15, 2022

An article in the Journal of the American Medical Association in October confirmed previous research that food insecurity increased substantially after the expiration of federal monthly advanced child tax credits on Jan. 15, 2022. The study looked at the period between January and July of this year in a series of national surveys, and found […]