distracted driving

Law enforcement, Ohio families want change in culture to prevent distracted driving

BY: - May 28, 2020

A bill to make distracted driving a primary offense is being considered by an Ohio Senate committee, and law enforcement and families came to support passage of the bill on Wednesday. Local sports broadcaster Dom Tiberi was one of several family members who spoke on behalf of those they’ve lost to distracted driving crashes. Tiberi’s […]

Bicycle advocates, survivor speaks for advancement of distracted driving bill

BY: - May 26, 2020

A bill to enhance consequences for distracted driving is moving along in a House committee, this time with an amendment exempting medical devices. The bill’s main onus is to increase penalties for texting and driving in the state, and harmonize all municipal ordinances and individual rules about distracted driving into one main state law. In […]

National report finds Ohio lagging in traffic safety laws

BY: - January 24, 2020

As Ohio looks at more potential distracted driving legislation, a new study says the state needs to do more to help protect drivers.  The policy alliance Advocates for Highway & Auto Safety released a nationwide report on the state of safety laws in each state, and came up with recommendations for laws that need to […]

Distracted driving bill seeks to strengthen current law

BY: - January 21, 2020

Sharon Montgomery was riding home on a Mount Vernon road after having dinner for her husband’s 51st birthday, when her life and its mission changed forever. It was on that road 19 years ago that she and her husband, John, passed through an intersection at the same time a driver flew through the same intersection, […]

Bill would allow Ohio drivers to be pulled over for cell phone use

BY: - January 15, 2020

A Democratic Ohio House member introduced legislation Tuesday that would make using cell phones while driving a primary offense, meaning law enforcement would be able to pull over drivers they observe using them. Currently, this is a secondary offense, meaning the driver would have to be pulled over for a separate offense before being dinged […]

Distracted Driving the focus for highway patrol as holiday travel increases

BY: - December 26, 2019

Ohio’s governor says he is directing the highway patrol to focus on distracted drivers this holiday season. Gov. Mike DeWine cited highway patrol numbers that showed an increase in traffic fatalities in five of the last six years. Distracted driving, he said in a release, is a “major contributing factor” in those fatalities. “As we […]