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Ohio tax breaks adding up, watchdog says

BY: - April 12, 2023

A new analysis says that 15 new tax breaks — many benefiting wealthy people and corporations — are coming online in Ohio. That will swell the total cost of tax breaks in the state to $11 billion a year, or 37% of the state's annual revenue, the report by Policy Matters Ohio said. The new breaks will cost the state an additional $450 million a year as the state is ending a process to review the worthiness of its tax breaks, the report said.

Think tank blasts Ohio flat tax proposal

BY: - April 4, 2023

It sounds fair. If everybody paid taxes at the same rate, the rich would pay more because of their higher incomes and the poor would pay less because they make less in the first place. But an Ohio proposal to enact such a "flat" state income tax ignores a host of other taxes, said a progressive public policy think tank. And the way that the law is written would only complicate the state's school-funding woes, take money from libraries and increase property taxes for farmers and homeowners, it added.