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Biden vaccine rules worry rural hospitals about potential strain

BY: - October 27, 2021

Story from Stateline, an initiative of The Pew Charitable Trusts Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, short-staffed rural hospitals have been stretched to their limits. Some have cut back, delayed or eliminated services such as elective surgeries, labor and delivery, and other inpatient care. Nurses and other health care employees have worked double shifts, and many rural […]


How do we get more health care workers vaccinated?

BY: - January 28, 2021

If someone is working on a construction site, we expect her to wear a helmet. I would venture to say that most Ohioans would not find anything wrong with construction companies requiring their site workers to wear helmets. I think you see where I’m going with this. Hospital employees are not required by the state […]

Health care workers using expired gear during pandemic and ‘hoping for the best’

BY: - March 30, 2020

WASHINGTON — States are receiving old or expired medical supplies from the federal stockpile. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s advice: Use them anyway. The shortage of vital medical supplies, such as masks and ventilators, in the face of COVID-19 has led public health officials to advise hospital workers to reuse personal protective equipment […]