Unintended consequences? If amendments are harder to pass so are bonds

BY: - January 20, 2023

Opponents of the Republican effort to make it harder to amend Ohio’s constitution added a new concern to the list Thursday. Already, critics have warned the changes are meant to stymie future abortion rights or redistricting initiatives, which the sponsor himself said in a letter to fellow Ohio House Republicans. Now, former state representative and […]

Ohio coalition moves forward with plans for abortion ballot measure

BY: - January 13, 2023

A coalition of reproductive rights groups, along with the ACLU of Ohio say they plan to have a pro-abortion ballot initiative on the Ohio Attorney General’s desk by February. Ohioans for Reproductive Freedom announced the plan to do this with the help of a recently hired “general consultant” with experience boosting ballot initiatives on the […]

Ohio House Republican faction brings back proposal making it harder for voters to pass amendments

BY: - January 12, 2023

After more than an hour behind closed doors, a bloc of Ohio Republicans led by state Rep. Derek Merrin, Monclova Twp., trooped through the Ohio Statehouse. The faction — thirty-odd lawmakers who wound up on the losing side of the House Speaker’s race last week— climbed three floors and squeezed into the clerk’s office. After […]

Proposal to make future amendments more difficult to pass will return next year, sponsor indicates

BY: - December 20, 2022

A last-minute bid to make it harder to amend the Ohio Constitution ran out of steam during the lame duck session, but the measure’s sponsor has already signaled plans to re-file the resolution in the coming year. The proposal would raise the threshold from a simple majority to a 60% supermajority for any future state […]

Resolution requiring supermajority for amendments “doubtful” to pass during Ohio lame duck session

BY: - December 14, 2022

Hundreds of demonstrators gathered across the street from the Ohio Statehouse Tuesday morning at Trinity Episcopal Church. The leaders of more than 100 organizations toted signs listing their name and membership. “Our goal is to make it really clear how unpopular House Joint Resolution 6 is,” Common Cause Ohio’s Catherine Turcer said as she led […]

Ohio House committee advances amendment supermajority provision and elections bill

BY: - December 13, 2022

An Ohio House committee advanced two controversial voting measures Monday without additional debate, one to raise the threshold for constitutional amendments to 60% and the other for various election administration provisions. The 7-5 Republican-to-Democratic party line votes put both proposals on track for a full House vote later this week. In previous hearings, numerous speakers […]

One organization comes forward in support of amendment supermajority requirement

BY: - December 9, 2022

The Ohio House effort to make amending the state constitution more difficult has been notable thus far for its lack of public support. In committee hearings and press conferences opponents have lined up against the proposal. Indeed, despite the resolution’s rapid progress, 140 interest groups have already signed on denouncing the plan. Although three organizations […]