MAGA Republicans didn’t come to Washington to work. They came to sow chaos and dysfunction

BY: - November 7, 2023

Welcome to Gilead. The fictional dystopia in Handmaid’s Tale is real-life in the halls of Congress. The U.S. House of Representatives just tapped a character straight out of Margaret Atwood’s novel to be speaker. Mike Johnson speaks the language of a God-governed, patriarchal, totalitarian state.  In the U.S. Senate, a budding far-right (that sounds like […]

It was a tiny, blue demonstration in deep red Ohio. Then came the MAGA truck.

BY: - October 28, 2020

MOUNT VERNON — The message on Sandi Dunphy’s sign is clear: Wear a mask to slow the spread of the coronavirus, and don’t vote for Donald Trump. Fifty yards from her, but really an entire universe away, Jeff Cline had a different take: The virus is a hoax, Bill Gates is one of Satan’s imps, […]