Despite anti-vaccine protest, teacher immunizations off to smooth start

BY: - February 3, 2021

HILLIARD — Ohio teachers began their march toward immunity Tuesday, despite a small crowd of anti-vaccine activists who protested outside the first COVID-19 vaccine clinic for Ohio educators. Even before the first appointments at noon, teachers lined up outside Hilliard Davidson High School for appointments to receive a vaccine against the new coronavirus. Gov. Mike […]

Mutations, vaccines and patience: What the next six pandemic months look like

BY: - February 2, 2021

Patience and persistence. That’s what Amy Rohling McGee, president of the Health Policy Institute of Ohio, is preaching about a vaccination process that’s as much a feat of scientific achievement as it is “extraordinarily slow.” The mass immunization process against COVID-19 was always going to feel like a hurry-up-and-wait affair, but watching officials mete out […]

COVID-19 in Ohio ebbs; remains at high levels

BY: - January 22, 2021

Despite a slow tapering of new caseloads, Ohioans continue to contract COVID-19 by the thousands. In the closing week of 2020, state data shows about 60 Ohioans on average died from COVID-19. On the three worst days of December, more than 100 Ohioans died of the new disease. At least 10,518 Ohioans have died of […]

Bill attacking health department’s COVID-19 power dies

BY: - December 23, 2020

A legislative attempt to cripple the Ohio Department of Health’s legal authority to respond to pandemics died a quiet death Tuesday evening after the Senate President opted against attempting to override a gubernatorial veto. This puts a lid — for 2020, at least — on a months-long effort from Republicans to wrest “ultimate authority” in […]

COVID-19 protesters gather outside Ohio GOP Senate leader’s home, seeking veto override  

BY: - December 22, 2020

Protesters gathered outside GOP Senate President Larry Obhof’s personal home Sunday seeking to pressure him to override a gubernatorial veto of legislation to weaken the health department. Although Senate Bill 311 passed with a veto-proof majority, the activists accused Obhof of stalling an effort to override Gov. Mike DeWine’s veto of the bill. The legislation […]

DeWine asked for gun control. Lawmakers gave him a ‘make my day’ bill.

BY: - December 18, 2020

The Ohio Senate passed a “stand your ground” bill Friday, sending to Gov. Mike DeWine a proposal that would rescind a requirement that gun owners first seek to elude a confrontation before responding with bullets. If passed, Senate Bill 175 would hand a major victory to gun advocacy groups like the National Rifle Association and […]

Senate committee passes “stand your ground” bill as lame duck deadline approaches

BY: - December 11, 2020

Republicans voted Wednesday night to send a bill to the Ohio Senate floor that would expand the right to shoot to kill in perceived self-defense in Ohio. Senate Bill 383 passed on a party line vote just around 8:15 p.m. It says a person has no “duty to retreat” before using lethal force if he […]

DeWine: it’s the maskless at fault, not the anti-mask messengers

BY: - December 9, 2020

When it comes to the mask wars of the COVID-19 pandemic, the blame lies at the feet of those who choose to ignore sound health advice and reject masks, not the politicians whipping up the resistance, Gov. Mike DeWine said Tuesday. In an interview, DeWine said there’s no use playing blame games on Republicans at […]

Covid skeptics look to ‘weak links’ in House on bill to gut the health department

BY: - December 7, 2020

Overriding the governor’s veto on legislation that would eviscerate the state health department’s legal power to respond to pandemics could be close, and supportive activists are eyeing two House representatives they see as “weak links” in the chain. Reps. Gayle Manning and Dave Greenspan, both Republicans, voted against Senate Bill 1 in May, which would […]

Gun rights rally

DeWine’s anti-gun violence bill faces perilous deadline

BY: - December 3, 2020

With less than a month remaining in the legislative session, Gov. Mike DeWine’s gun policy response to the 2019 Dayton mass shooting, which killed nine and injured 27 more, could be all but doomed. The last hearing on Senate Bill 221 in the Senate Government Oversight and Reform Committee was exactly one year ago Thursday. […]

‘An explosion.’ New COVID-19 cases doubled in November from prior month

BY: - December 1, 2020

A whopping 186,000 Ohioans — about 1.5% of the state’s population — tested positive for COVID-19 in November compared to about 72,000 in the prior month, according to state data. The data is preliminary and likely an undercount given the prevalence of asymptomatic cases, the holiday week slowing down reporting from labs and local health […]

Pandemic worsens as Thanksgiving nears

BY: - November 24, 2020

If COVID-19 could devise a holiday to its liking, it’d be Thanksgiving. American families travel for a prolonged meal; congregate with extended family, neighbors and friends; and can’t wear masks when they eat and drink. In Ohio, the cold weather likely precludes any notion of eating outside, where the virus is less likely to spread. […]