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Recreational marijuana enthusiasts get closer to legalizing weed in Ohio

BY: - May 10, 2023

Recreational marijuana advocates have started to collect signatures to put weed on the ballot this November. The Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Coalition is now collecting petition signatures from people like Sam from Cleveland to change state law. “Yeah, I’m for it,” she said. “I think people can be very functional on it.” It would legalize […]

Fertility fraud victim wants punishment put in Ohio law

BY: - March 22, 2021

Last November, Carrie Lauterbach did what many people have done since the fad began and submitted her DNA through a commercially-sold test to find out her genetic background. She knew her mother had gone to a fertility doctor in Cincinnati for help conceiving Carrie and her sister. She knew her parents had filled out paperwork […]

House considers ‘stand your ground’ bill; critics call it a racist legal concept

BY: - June 10, 2020

Legalized lynching. Citizens’ license to kill. Codification of black men’s deaths.   These were just a few of the characterizations people offered to the Ohio House Criminal Justice Committee of a “stand your ground” proposal that lawmakers reviewed Tuesday. Starting in the afternoon and continuing well into the evening, a steady stream of citizens implored lawmakers […]