Future of joint redistricting committee and congressional maps unknown

BY: - November 15, 2021

Ending a whirlwind week of testimony before three separate committees, Ohioans pleaded with members of the General Assembly on Friday to consider their wishes in congressional redistricting maps. Some speakers broke down in tears, as others did in a previous redistricting hearing, saying their time volunteering on elections and in the campaign that changed the […]

Redistricting process remains ‘fluid’ in joint committee

BY: - November 11, 2021

The first meeting of Ohio’s joint committee on redistricting included quickly-compiled testimony on transparency and accountability, and little else on how the process will continue. The Senate Democrats presented their map, with some changes they say they made to even out population numbers in the congressional districts, but theirs was the only map the committee […]

Public’s tears and fears come out before redistricting heads to joint committee

BY: - November 10, 2021

The last of the General Assembly’s congressional redistricting public hearings in individual committees are this week, just as a joint committee starts work. In Senate Local Government and Elections Committee on Tuesday, the last scheduled hearings on GOP and Democratic bills to change the congressional district maps in the state occurred, with much of the […]

DeWine, LaRose, Faber: Unmovable forces on both sides foiled redistricting negotiations

BY: - November 9, 2021

Seven decades of political experience couldn’t bring about bipartisan agreement on legislative maps, according to three GOP members of the Ohio Redistricting Commission. Gov. Mike DeWine, Secretary of State Frank LaRose and Auditor Keith Faber have claimed their efforts to “bridge the gap” were fruitless as they said they aimed for a bipartisan, 10-year map […]

Ohio House Dems submit congressional redistricting maps

BY: - November 9, 2021

House Democrats have thrown their congressional redistricting maps in the ring, completing the partisan caucus proposals. State Reps. Richard Brown, D-Canal Winchester, and Tavia Galonski, D-Akron, submitted the maps on Friday as what they call “a more realistic vision for Ohio compared to the widely criticized House and Senate Republican maps.” “Democrats are offering a […]

Congressional maps get first public scrutiny

BY: - November 5, 2021

Because of the warp-speed introduction of GOP congressional redistricting maps in House and Senate committees yesterday, Thursday’s public testimony was mostly harsh criticism of procedure, though the day wasn’t without specific map criticisms. Dissection of the maps introduced yesterday were similar to those given during the legislative redistricting process, and to those given of maps […]

GOP releases proposed congressional maps preserving their huge advantage

BY: and - November 4, 2021

In committee hearings Wednesday, Republican lawmakers in the House and Senate unveiled their plans for new congressional districts. In both cases Democrats complained the maps were shared at the eleventh hour, leaving members unable to properly analyze the proposals before them. Procedural votes along partisan lines and unanswered questions about the drafters’ intent seem to […]

Legislative redistricting lawsuits develop; Dems/GOP move on congressional maps

BY: - November 3, 2021

In a brief last week, the city of Cincinnati told the Ohio Supreme Court they agree with challengers of legislative redistricting maps, saying the city is “home to several of the most aggressively gerrymandered districts in the state of Ohio.” “In each of these areas, Cincinnati residents find that their vote counts for less than […]

Mapmakers: Redistricting commission saw maps before deadline, some sought compromise

BY: - November 2, 2021

In statements connected to lawsuits challenging Ohio’s recently approved legislative redistricting maps, GOP and Democratic mapmakers laid out the process of drawing legislative maps, including which legislative leaders and redistricting commission members met with them along the way. Ray DiRossi, Blake Springhetti and Christopher Glassburn all gave hours-long depositions as part of three lawsuits challenging […]

Redistricting marches toward another passing deadline

BY: - October 29, 2021

Congressional redistricting is still headed for a missed deadline even as the official commission heard proposed maps from advocates and public citizens Thursday morning. Ohio Redistricting Commission co-chairs House Speaker Bob Cupp and state Sen. Vernon Sykes both said they are committed to hearing from the public and conducting several public hearings beyond the one […]

Congressional redistricting hearing scheduled for Thursday; no vote expected

BY: - October 27, 2021

After weeks of questions and uncertainty, the Ohio Redistricting Commission is expected to have a hearing on the congressional mapmaking process Thursday, but is not expected to take a vote on any proposed maps. Instead, Ohio House Speaker Bob Cupp has said the legislature will take up congressional redistricting once the commission misses its Oct. […]

Justice DeWine defends redistricting recusal decision despite murky track record

BY: - October 27, 2021

Since taking his seat on the Ohio Supreme Court bench, Justice Pat DeWine has recused himself from 37 cases. Perhaps most colorfully, he’s bowed out of eight tied to a doctor accused of performing medically unnecessary spinal surgeries, who then fled to his native Pakistan to avoid prosecution. In court filings, DeWine explained he was […]