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Abortion ban could impact LGBTQ+ community

BY: - October 7, 2022

Potential abortion bans in the nation and in Ohio have been criticized by various groups, from doctors, to religious leaders and legal officials. The impact of bans on reproductive health procedures is also being felt within the LGBTQ community. “It just sucks all around,” said Kathryn Poe, a public policy and digital communications manager with […]

Ohio legislators pledge anti-abortion measures at March for Life

BY: - October 6, 2022

Standing united, a group of Republican legislators attended the anti-abortion March for Life on Wednesday at the Ohio Statehouse. State Rep. Jena Powell, R-Arcanum, was the only one to speak at the event, but she made it clear that Republicans in the General Assembly plan to press forward with measures to completely ban abortion. “This […]

Ohio abortion report shows slight increase in 2021, before Roe went down

BY: - October 4, 2022

The Ohio Department of Health’s latest annual count of abortions conducted in the state showed a slight increase in 2021, the year before Roe v. Wade was struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court this summer. The data showed that 60% of abortions happening in the state were in pregnancies of less than nine weeks. […]

Ohio abortion ban on two-week hold once again

BY: - September 27, 2022

A Hamilton County judge yet again kept an abortion law from being enforced as the lawsuit continues its way through the court. Judge Christian Jenkins pushed the abortion law back another two weeks in a ruling on Tuesday, as confirmed by the ACLU, who represent abortion clinics in the lawsuit who are hoping to get […]

Second pause to abortion law planned by Hamilton Co. judge

BY: - September 20, 2022

The following article was originally published on and is published in the Ohio Capital Journal under a content-sharing agreement. Unlike other OCJ articles, it is not available for free republication by other news outlets as it is owned by WEWS in Cleveland. The Hamilton County judge who issued an order temporarily blocking enforcement of […]

Judge holds off on Ohio abortion ban decision

BY: - September 9, 2022

A Hamilton County judge said he needs more time to decide whether or not to put a pause on a six-week abortion ban in Ohio. Judge Christian Jenkins said in a Thursday hearing that he would not issue an opinion because the court still has questions about how the case moves forward. “The court would […]

New doctors want abortion training, struggle under regulations

BY: - September 8, 2022

Students and in-training physicians say they are looking to other states for medical abortion education they need to do their jobs and finish their degrees. Medical schools, meanwhile, are doing what they can to link the students with that training. Shreekari Tadepalli began her final year in medical school at Ohio State thinking of how […]

Pro-abortion groups seek to bypass supreme court in abortion ban lawsuit

BY: - September 7, 2022

The groups hoping to put a stop to a six-week abortion ban in Ohio say the Ohio Supreme Court’s inaction forced them to move on to a different court. In a recent court filing, the ACLU of Ohio and Planned Parenthood asked the state’s highest court to dismiss their case in favor of separate litigation […]

A medical exam room.

‘Unequivocal nightmare:’ OB/GYNs fear uncertainty, health care delays post-Roe

BY: - June 30, 2022

Doctors fighting to keep their patients alive are worried about new abortion-related paperwork and legal advice that would hold up necessary care for their patients. Consulting lawyers and keeping complicated documentation is a part of life now that the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade and Ohio put a six-week abortion ban in place. […]

Ohio abortion bans on the way following death of Roe

BY: - June 24, 2022

Now that Roe v. Wade has been overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court, the Ohio legislature is set up to move forward with abortion bans in the state. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Friday morning that “The Constitution does not confer a right to abortion; Roe and Casey are overruled; and the authority to regulate […]

‘Crisis Pregnancy Centers’ stack deck against abortion clinics, do so with state support

BY: - June 23, 2022

Abortion advocates have said a ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court on Roe v. Wade could insert confusion into an already tense reproductive environment in Ohio.  But Ohioans say that confusion already exists because of “crisis pregnancy centers,” which counter abortion clinics by offering services to discourage pregnancy termination, all with the help of millions […]

‘Reproductive freedom’ amendment proposal faces uphill battle in Ohio

BY: - June 7, 2022

A constitutional amendment introduced in Ohio to protect reproductive choice in the state likely will not be on the ballot for November, because it would need to make it through a Republican supermajority first. The constitutional amendment was introduced by House Minority Whip Jessica Miranda, D-Forest Park and Senate Assistant Minority Leader Nickie Antonio, D-Lakewood, […]