Respect for Marriage Act

Biden signs law extending marriage protections to same-sex and interracial couples

BY: - December 14, 2022

WASHINGTON — Same-sex and interracial couples had many of their marriage rights codified Tuesday when President Joe Biden signed the bipartisan marriage equality bill during a ceremony attended by thousands outside the White House. In a brief speech, Biden told supporters on the South Lawn that “marriage is a simple proposition — who do you […]

Marriage equality bill heads to Biden’s desk following bipartisan U.S. House vote

BY: - December 9, 2022

WASHINGTON — The U.S. House overwhelmingly approved a marriage equality bill Thursday that would ensure same-sex and interracial couples continue holding many of the rights they have now, should the U.S. Supreme Court overturn the cases that established those constitutional protections. The measure now heads to the desk of President Joe Biden, who plans to sign it. […]


Congress is set to codify marriage equality, but the Respect for Marriage Act has key limitations

BY: - December 9, 2022

The U.S. House of Representatives is expected to approve the Respect for Marriage Act – a bill already passed in the Senate to codify both interracial and same-gender marriage – on Dec. 8, 2022. President Joe Biden has said that he will sign the bill into federal law shortly after the upcoming House vote. This […]


The link between politicians and anti-LGBTQ+ violence

BY: - December 7, 2022

It’s an age-old, chicken-and-egg discussion: Is it extant societal forces of exclusion, hatred, and reaction that give rise to authoritarian politicians who in turn foment division, prejudice, and violence? Or does it work the other way around? A global survey reveals compelling examples of both scenarios in action. It’s hard to imagine the repressive religious […]