Senate Bill 11

Religious groups push for per pupil ‘backpack bill’ funding of education in Ohio

BY: - February 23, 2023

A bill to vastly expand Ohio private school vouchers saw hours of testimony in a state Senate committee this week, as discussion about the future of education funding, both public and private, ramps up in the Statehouse. “This has never been about our public school district, it is about our children,” said Jacob Bowling, a […]

Ohio homeschooling group head: Nazi curriculum ‘a sick parenting issue’

BY: - February 14, 2023

The leader of an Ohio homeschooling group that once included an Upper Sandusky couple reportedly using a neo-Nazi curriculum has now condemned it and said homeschooling shouldn’t be judged by one “sick parenting issue.” The couple, who use the aliases “Mr. and Mrs. Saxon,” was reported to the Ohio Department of Education, who said it […]


This year, Ohio lawmakers can break lame duck’s bad reputation

BY: - November 24, 2020

Ah, lame duck. The name says it all. It is everyone’s, including many legislators, least favorite season — even with long, Ohio winters. As the election buzz begins to die down, every two years, our lawmakers come together for a final round robin of legislating before they head home for the holidays. Lame duck is […]