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In Ohio and elsewhere, Dems need better messaging on fracking, police, other issues

BY: - November 19, 2020

Tax the rich! Defund the police! Ban fracking! This is the sort of policy sloganeering voiced by factions within the Democratic Party during the recent presidential election campaign in Ohio and elsewhere. While all are based at least in part on worthy policy goals, post-election analysis suggests that President Trump and GOP strategists exploited that […]


Ohio’s Appalachian communities deserve investment. Start with the RECLAIM Act.

BY: - August 20, 2020

From Ashtabula to Athens, Boardman to Batavia, Ohio’s Appalachian communities can be places where working people and their families and neighbors, can live safe and healthy lives, while making family-supporting wages. But only if we stop letting Big Energy rig the political system against us. For too long, Appalachia has provided the raw materials for […]

Southeast Ohio spells out critical needs for funding

BY: - July 30, 2020

Southeast Ohio is a place known for being rural, independent, and unafraid to ask for what it needs.  The COVID-19 crisis hasn’t changed that, especially with mass business closures, higher education in the area taking a big hit, and broadband issues continuing as remote learning becomes more and more important for all students. In a […]

Dark Web: Telemedicine a challenge with lack of access in Appalachian communities

BY: - April 8, 2020

Note: This is the third story in a multi-part series detailing the effects of COVID-19 on Appalachian Ohio and how local residents, businesses and health professionals are responding to best serve their region. Ohio’s governor has expanded the state’s ability to use telemedicine during the coronavirus stay-at-home order, but for some parts of the state, […]

COVID-19 in Appalachia: Testing slow, but coming to Southeast Ohio

BY: - April 7, 2020

Note: This is the second story in a series detailing the effects of COVID-19 on Appalachian Ohio and how local residents, businesses and health professionals are responding to best serve their region. Check back this week for the rest of the series. Coronavirus has made its way to almost all of Ohio’s 88 counties, but […]

Census vital to rural infrastructure, services, mayors say

BY: - March 13, 2020

From a McDonald’s parking lot to a Ferris Wheel on West Union Street in Athens, mayors across the state are pushing every method of getting a full count in the 2020 Census.  Southeast Ohio was particularly represented as the Mayors’ Partnership for Progress came together at the Statehouse with Ohio Development Services Agency Director Lydia […]

Congratulations and donations follow Ohio native Burrow’s Heisman victory

BY: - December 17, 2019

The congratulations have come pouring in for Joe Burrow, the Louisiana State University quarterback and Athens native who on Saturday earned the 2019 Heisman Trophy. The award is given annually to college football’s top player. Burrow, a 2015 graduate of Athens High School, is the first Ohioan to win a Heisman since Columbus’ Troy Smith […]


The power of a platform: Joe Burrow, the Heisman and food insecurity in Ohio

BY: - December 17, 2019

Athens native Joe Burrow won the 2019 Heisman trophy Saturday and used his national platform to highlight poverty and food insecurity in Southeast Ohio: “Coming from Southeast Ohio, it’s a very, very impoverished area. The poverty rate is almost two times the national average,” Burrow said. “There are so many people there that don’t have […]