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Riley Gaines testifies in support of Ohio bill blocking trans athletes and gender-affirming care

BY: - November 29, 2023

A former University of Kentucky swimmer who has been very outspoken against competing and sharing a locker room with transgender athlete Lia Thomas testified in support of a bill that would prevent trans athletes from participating in Ohio women’s sports.  Riley Gaines told the Ohio Senate Government Oversight Committee how her and Thomas both had […]

Myriam Reynolds of Texas, the mother of a transgender son, said before he received care, he was unhappy and she has “no doubt that the health care my son accessed was life-saving.” (Screenshot from committee webcast)

Parents have no right to allow their children’s gender transition, Republicans say

BY: - July 31, 2023

WASHINGTON — U.S. House Republicans on a panel for limited federal government on Thursday argued that parents should not be allowed to let their transgender children have access to gender-affirming care. “A parent has no right to sexually transition a young child,” the chair of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution and Limited Government, […]

Families of transgender youth consider potentially leaving Ohio because of proposed legislation

BY: - July 20, 2023

Ember Zelch would rather give up a $10,000 college scholarship than stay in Ohio.  The 18-year-old was one of 150 students who won a scholarship in 2021 as part of Ohio Vax-2-School, a statewide contest aimed at boosting COVID-19 vaccination rates among younger Ohioans.  Zelch, however, is leaving that money on the table because she […]

“An attack on all trans people,” transgender youth speak out against Ohio legislation

BY: - July 3, 2023

Nathan Alvarez is used to people laughing or snickering at him when he uses the men’s bathroom.  Despite that, the 15-year-old says his high school is one place he doesn’t have to worry about that happening because they have a couple of gender neutral bathrooms and anyone can use the men and women’s restroom.  But […]

Fact Check: Michigan law similar to Ohio’s abortion amendment didn’t get rid of parental consent

BY: - April 26, 2023

Michigan may provide the greatest proof that the anti-abortion ads claiming that Ohio’s abortion amendment will cause mass “sex changes” is utterly false. As more experts weigh in on the false anti-abortion ads, the similar Michigan law didn’t lead to health care without parental content. This is the second installment in Statehouse Bureau reporter Morgan […]

Fact check: No mention of transgender, parental rights in abortion amendment

BY: - April 12, 2023

The following article was originally published on and is published in the Ohio Capital Journal under a content-sharing agreement. Unlike other OCJ articles, it is not available for free republication by other news outlets as it is owned by WEWS in Cleveland.   Ohio’s abortion amendment says nothing about transgender or parental rights, contrary to […]

Transgender people in rural America struggle to find doctors willing or able to provide care

BY: - January 25, 2023

This story was originally published in Kaiser Health News. For Tammy Rainey, finding a health care provider who knows about gender-affirming care has been a challenge in the rural northern Mississippi town where she lives. As a transgender woman, Rainey needs the hormone estrogen, which allows her to physically transition by developing more feminine features. […]